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Parent unit Dept of Chiropractic

Adrian SheridanChiropractic Clinic Super.
Ahmad MoubayedChiropractic Clinic Super.
Alex BlackeDemonstrator - Normal Rate
Alex NotenkoChiropractic Clinic Super.
Alexander TomalarisTutor - Normal
Alison GriffithsTutor - Normal
Allan KalamirOne Off Payments-No Award
Amos FongChiropractic Clinic Associate Supervisor
Amy MelametDemonstrator - Normal Rate
Amy NormanMarking - Routine, PhD/Subject Coordination
Amy TalbotLecturer - Basic Lecture
Andrew BroughanChiropractic Clinic Super.
Andrew StevensonTutor - Normal
Angelo AngelopoulosChiropractic Clinic Senior Supervisor
Anneliese HulmeAssociate Lecturer (Anatomy)
Anthony NicholsonLecturer - Basic Lecture
Aret AboulianChiropractic Clinic Associate Supervisor
Aron DownieLecturer in Chiropractic
Ben BrownDemonstrator - PhD/Subject Coordination
Benjamin HoltsbaumChiropractic Clinic Super.
Bernard BlanchfieldChiropractic Clinic Super.
Brian NookLecturer - Basic Lecture
Bruno Tirotti SaragiottoLecturer - Basic Lecture
Bryce PetersDemonstrator - Normal Rate
Caitlin ChewLecturer - Basic Lecture
Cameron LittleLaboratory Assistant
Camille RahmeDemonstrator - Normal Rate
Candice WallmanChiropractic Clinic Super.
Cath KingChiropractic Clinic Senior Supervisor
Catherine BlackeJunior Clinical Supervisor
Chi FungChiropractic Clinic Super.
Chris BowlesChiropractic Clinic Associate Supervisor
Christina CassidyAdministration Officer
Christopher AgiusTutor - Normal
Christopher BurrellScholarly Teaching Fellow
Christopher JolliffeChiropractic Clinic Super.
Cindy TuDemonstrator - Normal Rate
Clinton RotondoDemonstrator - Normal Rate
Cody GodberDemonstrator - Normal Rate
Connie LattoufChiropractic Clinic Associate Supervisor
Curtis RigneyLecturer
Daniel BuongiornoChiropractic Clinic Associate Supervisor
Daniel WaltersDemonstrator - Normal Rate
Dean RhodesTutor - Normal
Dirk CraffordDemonstrator - Normal Rate
Ehsan Rafi Zadeh ShahiDemonstrator - Normal Rate
Emma BaseleyChiropractic Clinic Associate Supervisor
Erika PenneyLecturer - Basic Lecture
Evgeni HristovTutor - Normal
Fabiano TruglioDemonstrator - Normal Rate
Farouk BadawiChiropractic Clinic Super.
Felipe BaccanChiropractic Clinic Senior Supervisor
George DragasevichLecturer - Basic Lecture
Goran StrkaljAssociate Professor
Gustavo De Carvalho MachadoLecturer - Basic Lecture
Hamid HalimChiropractic Clinic Senior Supervisor
Hazel JenkinsHolding Position
Hilary ConroyTutor - Normal
Hossain TefailiTutor - Normal
Iris RudyChiropractic Clinic Associate Supervisor
Itamar SteigradMarking - Routine
Jack SahagianDemonstrator - Normal Rate
Jacqueline CostanSenior Supervisor
Jakob DolanChiropractic Clinic Senior Supervisor
Jason PriorChiropractic Clinic Associate Supervisor
Joanne MullerLecturer - Basic Lecture
Jody DrutmanMarking - Routine, PhD/Subject Coordination
Jordan LakeChiropractic Clinic Senior Supervisor
Josh FitzgeraldDemonstrator - Normal Rate
Joshua MitchellMarking - Routine
Josien De BieTutor (Repeat) - Normal
Joyce El-HaddadDemonstrator - Normal Rate
Junny MarMarking - Routine
Kate DeavesDemonstrator - Normal Rate
Kate SmithDemonstrator - Normal Rate
Katherine BullTutor - Normal
Kim LeLecturer - Basic Lecture
Krystle TranChiropractic Clinic Senior Supervisor
Kym AbbottTutor - PhD/Subject Coordination
Laura GarnettDemonstrator - Normal Rate
Longping LiuTutor - Normal
Louella AlmeidaExecutive Officer - Team Leader
Lucinda SlavinDemonstrator - Normal Rate
Mario PribicevicTutor - PhD/Subject Coordination
Mark HamerChiropractic Clinic Associate Supervisor
Martin FrutigerMarking - Routine
Martin TimchurChiropractic Clinic Senior Supervisor
Matt StevensDemonstrator - Normal Rate
Matthew FernandezMarking - Routine
Mei WongTutor - Normal
Melanie XabregasTutor - Normal
Melinda BrookesChiropractic Clinic Senior Supervisor
Melissa TanChiropractic Clinic Super.
Michael O'SullivanDemonstrator - Normal Rate
Michael SiderisChiropractic Clinic Super.
Michael SwainLecturer in Chiropractic
Michelle ParsonsDemonstrator - Normal Rate
Mitchell RobertsChiropractic Clinic Associate Supervisor
Mohamad KammouhTutor - Normal
Natasha EggersChiropractic Clinic Super.
Norman HashamMarking - Routine
Paula BasilioChiropractic Clinic Associate Supervisor
Paula BeckenkampMarking - Routine, PhD/Subject Coordination
Peta GormlyMarking - Routine
Peter TuchinAssociate Professor
Philip BenjabutrTutor - Normal
Prue StoreyTutor - Normal
Quan NguyenTutor - Normal
Rachael WeeksTutor - Normal
Rebecca TraversChiropractic Clinic Senior Supervisor
Robert TosswillChiropractic Clinic Super.
Roger EngelSenior Lecturer
Rosemary GiuriatoHead Of Department And Senior Lecturer
Scott PhilipsonTutor - PhD/Subject Coordination
Shanon Chan Wan KaiTutor - Normal
Simon FrekeTutor - Normal
Simon RahmeTutor - Normal
Sophie LennanChiropractic Clinic Operations Coordinator
Occupational First Aider
Stephanie MathiesonMarking - Routine
Stephen EspositoChiropractic Clinic Super.
Stephen SharpTutor - Normal
Stephney WhillierLecturer in Chiropractic
Steven CannonTutor - Normal
Stian AandahlDemonstrator - Normal Rate
Stuart KnoxDemonstrator - Normal Rate
Subramanyam VemulpadDeputy Associate Dean, Higher Degree Research
Sukmun CumberworthTutor - Normal
Tino StylianouTutor - Normal
Tony BuxtonLecturer - Basic Lecture
Tony Van SchoonhovenTutor - Normal
Vanessa CarrollDemonstrator - Normal Rate
Vincent SoChiropractic Clinic Super.
Warwick HallChiropractic Clinic Super.
Yousef Abou HashemTutor - Normal

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