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Campus Wellbeing & Support Services

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Parent unit Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students and Registrar)
Telephone +61-2-9850-7497
Location C8A Level 2 Lincoln Building
Web Site
Description Campus Wellbeing offers a range of services including Counselling, Disability, Welfare and Advocacy and Support

Amanda GaleaAuslan Interpreter
Ann O'BrienInterpreter for the deaf
Ashwin SinghAllied Health Advisor
Bareena JohnsonAllied Health Advisor
Senior Research Officer
Belinda TaingNotetaker
Bella GaleaDisability Liaison Officer
Ben TerryContractor
Benjamin WilkesManager, Allied Health
Adjunct Fellow
Brendan McNicholasPsychologist
Brendan McQuigginInterpreter for the Deaf
Brianna GoodwinStudent Advocacy and Support Advisor
Carmel WhittyManager - Speech Pathology Clinical Education
Accessibility Support Officer
Carmen Germain-RigbyStudent Care and Trauma Lead
Catherine TolentinoStudent Connect Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Cecilia DuncanHolding Position
Accessibility Support Officer
Chevoy SweeneyInterpreter for the deaf
Lecturer - Basic Lecture
Marking - Routine
Tutor - Normal
Dana PillayAdministrative Assistant
Darren PetersDirector, Campus Wellbeing and Support Services
Dave McIntoshnon-denominational assistant chaplain
Dave WoolcottPresbyterian assistant chaplain
David LakisaChaplain
Eliyohu FeldmanChaplains
Elizabeth StrachanAnglican Assistant Chaplain
Eveline KarniAdministration Officer
Gareth WatkinsChaplain
Geoffrey PriemInterpreter for the deaf
Ginny DaldalianSupport Services Coordinator
Occupational First Aider
Grace UkichCatholic assistant chaplain
Grant DibdenChaplain
Iain PhippsInterpreter for the Deaf
Jacqueline HenrissonSupport Services Coordinator
Jasmine RozsaInterpreter for the deaf
Jeremy AmbroseChaplain
Jessica KirkegardInterpreter for the deaf
John MachlinPsychologist
Adjunct Supervisor
Jose EscartinAdministration Assistant
Julie KarniAdministration Officer
Kanchan KaurStudent Advocacy and Support Officer
Kate HintonInterpreter for the deaf
Kellie WillenbergInterpreter for the Deaf
Kelly PiperDisability Support Lead
Kerrie LakemanInterpreter for the deaf
Kevin JinChaplain
Kim CarmodyManager, Student Advocacy and Support
Kylie PickupInterpreter for the Deaf
Kylie ScottAuslan Interpreter
Latifa JacobsAdministrative Assistant
Campus Engagement Administrator
Leon KrugerChaplain
Lesley Manton-HallStudent Advocacy and Support Advisor
Leslie Gwen CastroChaplain
Liam MillerChaplain
Marina ZochilPsychologist
Marlo SlavinStudent Advocacy and Support Advisor
Matteo BertoniPsychologist
Matthew AttiaChaplain
Mehmet OzlapMuslim Chaplain
Melinda DaggerInterpreter for the Deaf
Melinda VarhegyiPsychologist
Michael JaksicContractor
Nathan CamilleriPG Coach (MACCESS)
Demonstrator - Normal Rate
Scientific Officer
Nathan SakirisProvisional Psychologist
Natt KullInterpreter for the Deaf
Neil PillaiDisability Liaison Officer
Neng Rong ShiChaplain
Paula BunInterpreter for the Deaf
Penelope HuismanHealth and Welfare Support Advisor
Pravania SharmaPsychologist
Raquel DocdocAdministration Officer
IELTS Staff Member
Rebecca CrampInterpreter for the deaf
Rebecca McMartinNotetaker
Rhonda RydeAuslan Interpreter
Richa GuptaSenior Clinical Psychologist
Adjunct Supervisor (Placement)
Richard La'BrooyChaplain
Roslyn BarnesInterpreter for the deaf
Ryan KingNon Peer Notetaker
Sahana NarayanAdministration Assistant
Samantha HarimanAdministrative Assistant
Sondra WibberleyDisability Assessment Advisor
Sonny McNamaraOccupational Therapist
Stefanie ItalianoNotetaker
Taleen BiberianAdministration Coordinator
Tamara BrkicAllied Health Advisor
Tanya MillerAuslan Interpreter
Tim BlencoweChaplain
Tim SheltonChaplain
Vaish NavaratnamAdministration Assistant
Victoria ClarkInterpreter for the deaf
Vivienne BurridgeDisability Assessment Advisor
Wendy GarciaPsychologist
Adjunct Supervisor
Will Naughtin-DentMentor Assistant
Administration Assistant
Accommodation Assistant
Winniefred ChavesCatholic assistant chaplain
Yasmeen ElkhodrAdministration Assistant

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